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Gabrielas art paradise Artist

Aroha! My name is Gabriela Weber-Oswald.

I am a Swiss/New Zealand artist and passionate gardener, living with husband Tom and cat Sir Frankie in subtropical Northland New Zealand. I am often found in my ceramic studio working on new projects or treating our subtropical garden with tender loving care..... I love  to share and create artwork that make gardens and homes even more beautiful and interesting.

My mission is to be an environmentally low-impact and sustainable ceramic studio. I can make a personal impact in choosing low temperature firings, firing bisque and glaze in one firing, avoiding very toxic chemicals in glazes and recycle as much as as possible.

My work is seen in local exhibitions like Sculpture Northland, as well as in local art galleries Burning Issue and Reyburn House in Whangarei.

Learn more about me and watch my talk with Mark Kelly from Northland Artist Conversation on you tube

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