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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Kia ora koutou

Yes I am still alive and kicking. Even though you haven't heard a lot from me on this blog lately. It wasn't the easiest time having to deal with different demanding situations.... Travelling is not as chilled as it was pre Covid and I found it more stressful than before.

I was very happy to be back home in Whangarei again.

Our subtropical garden looks very good. The plants seem to grow faster.... Not sure if it is because they are a bit more established or if it was the amount of rain so far. In November we had around a whopping 400 ml of rain so far, which is a fourth of the rain in a whole year!

I haven't been much in my clay studio lately. I got another task: the Reyburn House gardens. The garden was featuring in the Whangarei Garden Discovery tour last week-end and received the Heritage Roses New Zealand Plaque award in recognition of a significant planting of heritage roses in a public garden. Most of the roses are over a 100 years old.

Reyburn House, a lovingly preserved colonial building, is Whangarei’s oldest house. It has an Art Gallery with an Art Shop.

But I did get around to do some work in the studio..... I mixed a new great blue glaze, which is my favorite at the moment. I used it for my latest sculpture.

Summer where are you?

Love Gabriela

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